final critic

In this semester I was given three times critics and during my second critic I was still working on the paintings, that’s why I didn’t post my works in the blog. Based on my second critic which was how should I improve my project? Sometime I struggle to find out solution, may be the topic chosen in which I’m unable to bring up my own style and present to the viewers. I feel that main drawback is that I don’t have my own relevant images.In the final critic based on the feedback I started to think whether I choose the right subject ? The mixed media style is new for me and definitely need more research, though at times I felt happy with my works but still I have to put more experimental thoughts to it to bring up my own style, thats want my professors and mentors and critic team too thinks. They suggested me to work on more painting thumbnails during the summer and set this as one of important goals for this summer..

For next semester project still need to make up my mind whether to continue with same topic for the project or different one.

Second Semester Final critic

After long years I started pursuing my education, its an adventure, challenging and dare step to study at this age, but I learned here in the USA that we can pursue our aspiration of studying at any age which was very encouraging to me and it pushed me to take up this course, thanks to USA:), back in my home country it is not encouraged that much and few see very thin percentage who take up this.

In my first semester project on “Child Labor “ applied painting style, in my second-semester project wanted to bring up different style along with traditional way, applied mixed media and collage painting style. In my process first I choose the appropriate image and then did some work in photoshop like applying color and filters and took print on canvas. Will apply for traditional works by using brushes, acrylic colors, ink, color pencils, design cloth, napkin paper, shipping box paper board. Based on my previous critics this time I worked on five paintings with different sizes like 30”/50”,24”/36”,30”/40” and I used some of my own photo images and manipulated in photoshop for bring painting effect adding some strokes and applying some places the regular daily use things like design clothes, paper board, some places paper image collage, color dripping and the main thing is I applied texture effect with using napkin paper. The roughness of background texture in one painting represents the working child and living lifestyle and dripping color symbolize their tears and someplace I used vibrant colors symbolizing their adjustment and acceptance to life. I feel with my current work is on track of bringing up the different style in my work, which is also my mentor’s feedback and opinion. If I continue to work on ‘Child Labor’ for my thesis project, I would work more on bringing up some more techniques along with traditional painting and with large sizes.

2019 first critic

2019 first criticI could not post my 3rd critic on earlier in the first semester and since I was still thinking to whether to continue to work on ‘Child Labor’ or choose the other subject. After giving thorough thought I decided to present on ‘Child Labor’. In this time my work on this project will be paper collage and using photographs the background presenting symbolically depicting the environment and circumstances in which the child is living and the child will be pictorially presented. The work appears to be a collage of the images and the acrylic paints. Once the collage is complete, I seal everything in a coat of gel medium and then under a thick coat of glossy resin adding a visual polish and uniting the varied elements into one cohesive work. The picture I’m sharing in this blog is the thumbnail artwork and eventually will paint this on the multiple canvases..